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Following the Dream; Writing, Traveling, and Moving…Again

June 4, 2015


It’s been over a year since I last published anything on this blog, but as you read on you’ll see there’s many good reasons for it; the most important thing to note is that I never stopped writing. Creating this blog was the start to the career path that I’m now on, and hopefully will be continuing […]

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“Settling Down” Can Be Its Own Adventure

March 27, 2014


Previous adventures revolved around nonstop travel experiences, adjusting to life in a different country, scoping out the craft beer scene in Europe and more. But as of five days ago, I’ve taken on a brand new adventure, one that doesn’t involve flying anywhere. Instead it keeps me grounded, closer to home. Introducing Barley, our new […]

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Readjusting From Expat Life

March 3, 2014


Empire state building

Expat life has its ups and downs, and there’s no shortage of reading material out there about living and traveling in foreign places, or about the culture shock that often results from the experience. But there’s less mentioned about returning from that journey – coming home. Back to a place that used to be everything you […]

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NYC Neighborhoods: The Upper East Side

February 26, 2014


Park Ave

After two years living out of the USA, I’m back in the New York City area, a place that embodies the word “home” to me almost as much as the area where I was born and raised. Therefore it’s necessary to reflect back on where it all started – the Upper East Side neighborhood – […]

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A Winter Break In Ocean City, Maryland

February 20, 2014

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Ocean City beach

Going to a Mid-Atlantic US beach town in the middle of winter might sound a little crazy, but there’s a number of reasons it can be a surprisingly fun mini-getaway to fight off those winter blues. 1. For the Festivals Year round entertainment in Ocean City includes events like boat shows,  kite festivals, arts and […]

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Discover Life In Jersey City; Paulus Hook Neighborhood

January 30, 2014


“You’re officially a B & T girl,” my co-workers joked when I told them I was moving from Manhattan to Jersey City, New Jersey. Ahh, B&T, the derogatory term usually used by residents of Manhattan to describe those “outsiders” who commute into Manhattan from the outer boroughs via bridge and/or tunnel. Though I pretended to laugh at […]

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NYC Neighborhoods; The West Village

January 17, 2014


Roaming the streets of Manhattan was and still is one of my favorite pastimes. I’m more than anxious to get out and explore again after two years living out of the country. See what’s changed, what’s still the same, and walk around all those neighborhoods that help me recall some amazing times in my past life as […]

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Back In The USA; My Blog & What To Expect

January 13, 2014


Life doesn’t stay the same. That’s the fun of it, right? So after two years living in London, we’re back home to an area where I lived for eight years prior to life abroad. With that, my blog’s direction also has to evolve. A few things that definitely won’t change – My focus on discovering great […]

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