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European Beer Bloggers Conference – Edinburgh, Scotland

July 16, 2013


The word “conference” used to conjure painful memories; a reminder of long boring seminars in my prior 10+ years of business careers,  where I suffered through lectures on sales, employment law, performance management and how to be a company leader. Fortunately, the Beer Bloggers Conference has forever changed my view… First Impressions..Wow! The conference was based at […]

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BrewDog in Edinburgh – one of my favorite UK beer bars

December 5, 2012


BrewDog   Where: In Edinburgh’s old town area. See map. Why you should visit:  This is craft beer at its best. Creative beer styles, names, labels – everything about their beer bars and brewmaking shows that they’ve put serious thought behind their brand.  They’ve only existed for a little over 5 years now but you […]

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