Why this blog exists

Myth or Fact:  American’s Don’t Travel.

Based on my case alone, I could have proved this was a fact…at least for the first twenty years of my life.  During this period, my key travel experiences consisted of:

1)   Disney World in Florida @ 10 years old

2)   One time “out of the country” to visit Ontario, Canada when I was 19, where my main intention was to go to a bar and drink alcohol since I was still under the legal US age limit

3)   Ocean City, Maryland – annual family beach vacations

4)   Panama City Beach, Florida – spring break trip during university when I had just enough money to afford a discounted bus trip from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania down to Florida for a couple of days – only problem was that 50 hours of that time was spent in the bus instead of at the beach.

I grew up in small town Pennsylvania, in the town of Elizabethville in Dauphin County,  a beautiful town surrounded by mountains where everyone knew your name, but I admit I was a little – no, that’s a lie, A LOT sheltered from the rest of the world.  It was a community where the most typical road warning signs were for deer crossings or slow Amish buggies.  Where the drive to the nearest shopping mall involved a road trip – only a “quick” 40 miles of driving through country roads and over the mountain and you were at your destination.

(picture source: author Pamela Wilson, http://www.copyblogger.com/amish-web-design/)

As a result, I was determined to see more, learn more, and understand more about people’s beliefs, attitudes, and ways of life.  Figure out what really goes on outside of small town America….

Which brings me to today. I find it fascinating to get glimpses into life in other cities, towns and countries around the world.

If you’re excited to see and understand these things as well, then I encourage you to read further!